Studies on Adult Learning and Education

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The series offers the most advanced research results in the field of adult and learning education. The topics covered concern adult education, as well as work pedagogy, educational relationships in the adult context, and publications on specific topics in the field of adult education policies. The publications draw on the expertise of some of the leading figures in adult education and comparative studies in the field of lifelong learning.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the series editors, and

All books published in the series undergo peer review.

The series fully supports Open Access publishing as an ideal tool for sharing ideas and knowledge in every research field with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books allow the research community to achieve a high research impact as well as rapid dissemination in any editorial form

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Books in this Series
  • Monograph

International Teaching and Learning Settings in the Academic Professionalisation of Adult Education

An International and Comparative Study

Monika Staab

Copyright year: 2023

  • Edited Book

Adult Education and Social Justice: International Perspectives

Edited by   Maria Slowey, Heribert Hinzen, Michael Omolewa, Michael Osborne

Copyright year: 2023

  • Edited Book

Re-thinking Adult Education Research. Beyond the Pandemic

Edited by   Vanna Boffo, Regina Egetenmeyer

Copyright year: 2023

  • Edited Book

Esercizi di ricerca

Dottorato e politiche per la formazione

Edited by   Vanna Boffo, Fabio Togni

Copyright year: 2022

  • Edited Book

Educazione degli Adulti: politiche, percorsi, prospettive

Studi in onore di Paolo Federighi

Edited by   Vanna Boffo, Giovanna Del Gobbo, Francesca Torlone

Copyright year: 2022

  • Monograph

La formazione incorporata nei contesti lavorativi

Francesca Torlone

Copyright year: 2021

  • Edited Book

International and Comparative Studies in Adult and Continuing Education

Edited by   Regina Egetenmeyer, Vanna Boffo, Stefanie Kröner

Copyright year: 2020

  • Monograph

Educazione ed innovazione sociale

L’apprendimento trasformativo nella formazione continua

Glenda Galeotti

Copyright year: 2020

  • Monograph

Una investigación educativa y transformadora para el medio ambiente

Desarrollo de capacidades en Guatemala y Nicaragua. Con aportaciones de Maurizio Leonelli y Rodolfo Glenton

Giovanna Del Gobbo, Glenda Galeotti

Copyright year: 2018

  • Edited Book

Educazione in età adulta

Ricerche, politiche, luoghi e professioni

Edited by   Paolo Federighi

Copyright year: 2018

  • Edited Book

Employability & Competences

Innovative Curricula for New Professions

Edited by   Vanna Boffo, Monica Fedeli

Copyright year: 2018

  • Edited Book

Comparative Adult Education and Learning

Authors and Texts

Edited by   Maria Slowey

Copyright year: 2016

  • Edited Book

Researches in Adult Learning and Education: the European Dimension

Edited by   Simona Sava, Petr Novotny

Copyright year: 2016

  • Edited Book

Il diritto al risarcimento educativo dei detenuti

Edited by   Francesca Torlone

Copyright year: 2016

  • Edited Book

Innovative learning models for prisoners

Edited by   Francesca Torlone, Marios Vryonides

Copyright year: 2016

  • Monograph

Educational Jobs: Youth and Employability in the Social Economy

Investigations in Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Vanna Boffo, Paolo Federighi, Francesca Torlone

Copyright year: 2015

  • Edited Book

La formazione al rispetto dei diritti umani nel sistema penale

Edited by   Paolo Federighi, Francesca Torlone

Copyright year: 2013

  • Edited Book

Primaria oggi

Complessità e professionalità docente

Edited by   Paolo Federighi, Vanna Boffo

Copyright year: 2014

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