Revenue Sources and Publication Charge

FUP is a non-profit public publisher established, promoted, funded, and supported by an Italian public university, the University of Florence. FUP promotes publishing activities under the banner of knowledge as a common good (open access and open science), peer review as a guarantee of quality, the civil function of knowledge, environmental sustainability, gender balance and workers' welfare. FUP fosters the quality of public debate on issues relevant to the Italian and European society.

FUP operates on the market exclusively with the aim of ensuring its economic sustainability: all the additional revenues that exceed expenses are committed and re-invested to achieve its civil and public functions.

FUP operates a hybrid business model to cover operating and publishing costs. Operating costs are covered by institutional contributions from the University of Florence, sales revenues, and Book Page Charges (BPC). In our business model, institutional support, and revenue from sales of print editions substantially reduce the production costs of open access books, which are generally covered by a sponsor or research organisation.

FUP does not charge for the submission and evaluation of publishing proposals. In order to cover the costs of open access publication, after the conclusion of the peer-review process, FUP applies a BPC fee for monographs and collective volumes. Publishing costs have no relation with the scientific evaluation process. FUP calculates BPC costs based on each manuscript and the related services (production services for digital and printed editions, marketing and promotion, indexing and dissemination).

Whenever possible, no BPC fee is charged, and the book is published under an embargo period. After an 18-month embargo period, the book is released in Open Access.

Read our Policy for more details.