Just Accepted for Books Policy

Firenze University Press is committed to putting the very best publishing practices at the service of the research community, and to adopting innovative solutions that reward the dissemination, open access and sharing of peer-reviewed research.

Firenze University Press provides the opportunity to make essays and chapters of collective volumes that have passed the peer review process immediately available for open access by publishing them as a Just Accepted Book Chapter.

The Just Accepted publishing method is already used by numerous scientific journals, and is now beginning to be applied to books and series. Just Accepted for Books publishing allows a rapid dissemination of essays and a concrete contribution to ongoing debate in the community of scholars and in civil society, anticipating the long lead times for the publication of collective volumes and conference proceedings.

The peer review process for an essay is managed as usual by the editors of the volume and the scientific committee of the series. Then, the essay may be published as a PDF document, with the permission of the authors, exactly as it was submitted by them, including an abstract and keywords.

The list of Firenze University Press referees is available here.

Each essay reports at the foot of the page:

  • The date of online publication.
  • The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) code of the essay, which will remain the same for the final version published in the volume.
  • The copyright holder.
  • The “Just Accepted for Books” watermark.
  • A link to Firenze University Press’ Best Practices in Scholarly Publishing.

In addition, for each Just Accepted essay, usage statistics are given in terms of downloads and views, according to the most widely used international standards.

After being published as Just Accepted, the essay follows the normal book publication process. Then, once the volume has been published in print and in the book’s digital online edition, the essay is removed from the Just Accepted for Books section of the series, but retains its DOI and updated usage statistics.

The ISBN code will be assigned to the volume only when the final and complete edition of the collective volume is published and distributed.