Promotion, Sales and Distribution

Promotion and Marketing

FUP sales and marketing strategy is flexible, collaborative and creative. In order to meet our authors’ needs, as well as those of the wider research community, we carry out extensive metadata dissemination for all our print and digital books. This allows us to reach as many readers as possible and ensure that FUP’s publications are easily accessible worldwide. 

FUP uses a wide range of communication tools to promote our authors' publications, from newsletters and email campaigns to targeted marketing activities with the support of our retail partners. We are experts in indexing and social media services. Our website offers authors and their books an excellent platform for marketing and sales activities.

Online Catalogue

All of FUP’s books are published in our online catalogue, FUP Scientific Cloud for Books, developed with our users in mind. Each catalogue card offers free sample pages (accessible to all readers), news, events, reviews related to the volume, and the possibility to purchase the eBook or the printed volume. The contents of each book are tagged with fully searchable keywords and linked to other online publications. Our web pages are updated to comply with search engine optimisation (SEO) on an ongoing basis.

Social Media and Online Communication

To effectively share news about our books and promote our authors' publications in the online community, we actively use various social media channels. New releases, featured volumes and content, news, events, and product offers are regularly shared with our followers via our social media profiles and our newsletter [link], often in connection with a specific event or theme. To exchange contents and ideas, and to improve the visibility of our publications, readers can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium

Book Reviews

We promote new publications by encouraging reviews in academic journals and other medias, and by sending out advance copies of new releases. Published reviews are collected and made available to readers in the respective volume's online catalogue card. Request here an advance review copy for review.

Textbook Adoptions, Requests, and Reporting

Scholars can notify us of the FUP books included in their reading lists to help us ensure their timely availability in the bookshops of the relevant universities. Let us know which text(s) you are including in your reading list. Scholars can request an advance inspection copy if they are planning to include a book in the reading list for their course.  Request an advance inspection copy for adoption.

Sales and Distribution

We are engaged in a constant effort to ensure that our books reach as many and as wide a range of readers as possible.

Our books are sold in print and digital formats in all major Italian bookshops and countless online bookshops so they can be purchased simply, quickly, and securely. Alternatively, to purchase a book more easily, readers can consult our catalogue and directly access the online bookshop they wish to use by clicking on the ‘Purchase options’ button at the top right of each volume’s catalogue card.

Print On Demand

All volumes are reprinted on an ongoing basis through our print-on-demand service, in line with sales trends and our existing stock. In this way, every published title is always available for purchase in bookshops.

Royalties, Orders and Customer Service

Prior to publication, after acceptance of the manuscript, each author signs a publishing contract that stipulates payment of royalties based on the copies sold. The FUP administration shall issue a sales report and pay the accrued royalties. For further information contact us.

Each author always has the option to order copies of their book at a discounted rate.  For further information please contact our customer service.

Should you have any questions about FUP's catalogue, upcoming books or our authors, feel free to contact us.

Bookshops and libraries in Italy and abroad are supported by our partners’ distribution networks.

Distribution and promotion of printed editions:

Emmepromozione Srl

Messaggerie Libri Spa

Casalini Libri Spa

Libro Co. Italia srl

Distribution of digital editions: