Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas: Problems and Measurement Techniques

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The Series promoted by Institute of BioEconomy (CNR-IBE) is aimed to propose a wider overview about the research work carried out over the last few years about the monitoring of the Mediterranean coastlines, and therefore an opportunity to present new proposals and promote actions to safeguard the marine and coastal environment. Special attention is dedicated to illustrate and exchange activities and innovative proposals, with an interdisciplinary perspective in order to promote and to support actions to preserve coastal marine environment. The Scientific Board is representative of a holistic view of the Environment. This Series is a sign of continuity of eight past editions of the Symposium Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas: Problems and Measurement Techniques organized on subjects related to the following coastal topics: morphology; flora and fauna; energy production; management and integrated protection; geography and landscape, cultural heritage and environmental assets, legal and economic aspects.

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All books published in the series undergo peer review.

The series fully supports Open Access publishing as an ideal tool for sharing ideas and knowledge in every research field with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books allow the research community to achieve a high research impact as well as rapid dissemination in any editorial form.

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Ninth International Symposium “Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas: Problems and Measurement Techniques”

Livorno (Italy) 14th-16th June 2022

Edited by   Laura Bonora, Donatella Carboni, Matteo De Vincenzi, Giorgio Matteucci

Copyright year: 2022

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