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This series hosts publications conceived for university teaching that are in keeping with the new examination format. The series is divided into five areas: biomedical, sciences, social sciences, technological sciences and humanities.

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Books in this Series
  • Monograph

La politica agricola europea

Storia e analisi

Franco Sotte

Copyright year: 2023

  • Digital

SPARKLE - Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Precision Agriculture

Edited by   Marco Vieri

Copyright year: 2020

  • Monograph

Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology

Branislava Lalic, Josef Eitzinger, Anna Dalla Marta, Simone Orlandini, Ana Firanj Sremac, Bernhard Pacher

Copyright year: 2018

  • Monograph

Introduzione ai Sistemi di Localizzazione Indoor

Stefano Maddio

Copyright year: 2017

  • Monograph

Antenne Integrate Attive

Alessandro Cidronali, Paolo Colantonio, Leonardo Lucci

Copyright year: 2014

  • Monograph

Struttura e costruzione / Structure and Construction Nuova edizione / New Edition

Riccardo Gulli

Copyright year: 2012

  • Monograph

Lectures on Solid Mechanics

Claudio Borri, Michele Betti, Enzo Marino

Copyright year: 2008

  • Monograph

Lineamenti di infrastrutture ferroviarie

Franco Policicchio

Copyright year: 2007

  • Monograph

Lezioni di ingegneria del vento

Claudio Borri, Stefano Pastò

Copyright year: 2006

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