Isotopic fractionation study towards massive star-forming regions across the Galaxy

  • Laura Colzi,

One of the most important tools to investigate the chemical history of our Galaxy and our own Solar System is to measure the isotopic fractionation of chemical elements. In the present study new astronomical observations devoted to the study of hydrogen and nitrogen fractionation (D/H and 14N/15N ratios) of molecules, towards massive star-forming regions in different evolutionary phases, have been presented. Moreover, a new detailed theoretical study of carbon fractionation, 12C/13C ratios, has been done. One of the main results was the confirmation that the 14N/15N ratio increases with the galactocentric distance, as predicted by stellar nucleosynthesis Galactic chemical evolution models.
This work gives new important inputs on the understanding of local chemical processes that favor the production of molecules with different isotopes in star-forming regions.

  • Keywords:
  • astrochemistry,
  • stars: formation,
  • ISM: molecules,
  • nuclear reactions,
  • nucleosynthesis,
  • abundances,
  • Galaxy: evolution,
  • methods: numerical,
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Laura Colzi

CAB - Astrobiology Center, Spain - ORCID: 0000-0001-8064-6394

Laura Colzi is a post-doctoral researcher at the Centro de Astrobiología de Madrid. Her main research work is dedicated to the study of isotopic fractionation of molecules in massive starforming regions located across the Milky Way. Moreover, recently she started to study more complex organic molecules related with the origin of life, which can be observed towards starforming regions thanks to the current advanced astronomical facilities.
Table of Contents

Table of contents


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