USiena Publications

The publications (monographs, manuals, scientific journals, mono- and multilingual essay collections, critical editions, acts and proceedings, annals, sources and archives, catalogues, doctoral theses, brochures, various scientific, teaching and information materials, multilingual and multimedia projects, e-learning tools, multimedia products, websites, portals and scientific databases, etc.) have the following characteristics:

  • they are Open Access digital outputs that may be printed out
  • they are co-editions bearing the logos of USiena Press and Firenze University Press on the cover


The first fruits of the partnership between the two publishers are the series:

Carteggi e materiali del Centro Interdipartimentale di ricerca Franco Fortini

Studi di letterature moderne e comparate

Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze storiche e dei beni culturali

The UNIverSI. Ricerca – Didattica – Terza missione all’Università di Siena series ( stands alongside the University's other series. Characterised by an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach, it aims to collect contributions relating to the results of specialist research, teaching activities and social impact activities carried out in the various academic fields represented within the University (economics, law and political science; literature, history, philosophy and the arts; biomedical and medical sciences; experimental sciences).

The series is divided into three subseries: Research, Education and Third Mission.

UNIverSI will mainly publish monographs, conference proceedings and manuals that also support teaching and can become accessible to all students, in accordance with the European Union's European Accessibility Act directive. The series will also include educational publications resulting from public engagement initiatives.


Two prestigious university journals have been transferred to FUP's OJS platform:

La Diana of the Postgraduate School of Historical and Artistic Heritage

L'ospite ingrato of the Franco Fortini Interdepartmental Centre for Research on the 'History of cultural tradition in the 20th century'