Elementi di petrologia sperimentale

  • Francesco Pasqualino Vetere,

This volume is focused on the fundamentals of experimental petrology, aiming to facilitate the understanding of the dynamics, formation, and evolution of planet Earth and rocky planets. The study is primarily based on the author’s experience in the fields of petrology and volcanology, with the purpose of introducing university and PhD students in Earth Sciences or related fields to the world of experimental petrology—a young and evolving discipline.

  • Keywords:
  • Earth Sciences,
  • Experimental Petrology,
  • Magma,
  • Silicate melts,
  • Rheology,
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Francesco Pasqualino Vetere

University of Siena, Italy - ORCID: 0000-0002-0723-1990

Francesco P. Vetere is professor in Petrology and Volcanology at the Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment (DSFTA), University of Siena. He has taught at the Universities of Hannover (DE), Calabria, Chieti, and Perugia. His main areas of research span from igneous petrology to volcanology, with a particular focus on the rheology of magmas.
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