Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze storiche e dei beni culturali

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This series has been created as a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary space intended to host publications related to the studies conducted within the Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage Department of the University of Siena. However, it is also open to the research results of other scientific institutions. The works published in this series refer to the various areas of activity of the Department (anthropology, archaeology, library and archive science, geography, musicology and performing arts, palaeography, history, history of architecture, history of art, history of philosophy, protection and conservation of cultural heritage), in a chronological scope that ranges from deep history to contemporary times, and a geographical scope that extends from the relevant territorial reference to the Italian, Euro-Mediterranean and global dimensions. The series publishes monographs, collective volumes, conference proceedings, critical editions, handbooks and manuals, targeting different audiences including scientific communities, humanities and cultural heritage scholars, and university students.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the series editor, quaderni-dssbc@unisi.it.

All books published in the series undergo peer review.

The series fully supports Open Access publishing as an ideal tool for sharing ideas and knowledge in every research field with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books allow the research community to achieve a high research impact as well as rapid dissemination in any editorial form.

“Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze Storiche e dei Beni Culturali” is published by Firenze University Press and USiena PRESS, an innovative publishing project of the University of Florence and the University of Siena designed for the community of scholars and their research.


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Books in this Series
  • Monograph

La Flagellazione di Piero della Francesca

Il significato manifesto

Alessandra Gianni

Copyright year: 2023

  • Monograph

Dal ricordo al racconto

Il «diario» del marinaio Giulio Bogino (1943-1948): storia di un internato militare in Germania e del suo ritorno in Italia

Stefano Moscadelli

Copyright year: 2023

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