Book Chapters

Why do we publish proceedings and edited volumes in chapters?

FUP is committed to providing the research community with the best publishing practices by adopting innovative solutions which reward dissemination and discoverability, open access, and sharing of peer-reviewed research.

The publication of proceedings and edited volumes in chapters, in which each essay is assigned a DOI, is a key solution to increase the visibility of every author as well as the dissemination and impact of every research work.

Volumes published in chapters provide readers with more comprehensive and effective research tools. Each of our publications in chapters meets the best international standards in scholarly publishing. In addition to the attribution of a DOI, these require the publication of abstracts, keywords, and bibliographic references for each essay in the volume.

Moreover, for each essay within the edited volume, FUP provides authors with access statistics (views and downloads) according to the current Italian and international standards for the positioning and assessment processes.

For more information on the publication of proceedings and edited volumes in chapters, feel free to write to us.