Lessico multilingue dei beni culturali

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This series includes publications on the technical vocabulary of cultural heritage and tourism in different languages, with the aim of providing educational and professional tools for those working in the field of tourism and the arts. The series fully supports Open Access publishing as an ideal tool to share ideas and knowledge in every research field with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books allow the research community to achieve a high research impact as well as rapid dissemination in any editorial form.

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Annick Farina
  • University of Florence, Italy
Christina Samson
  • University of Florence, Italy
Scientific Board member
Sabrina Ballestracci
  • University of Florence, Italy
Marco Biffi
  • University of Florence, Italy
Elena Carpi
  • University of Pisa, Italy
Dave Coniam
  • The Education University of Hong Kong, China
Christina Dechamps
  • Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal
Isabella Gagliardi
  • University of Florence, Italy
Marcello Garzaniti
  • University of Florence, Italy
Paul Geyer
  • University of Bonn, Italy
Donata Levi
  • University of Udine, Italy
Valentina Pedone
  • University of Florence, Italy
Federica Rossi
  • Max Planck Institute - Florence Institute for Art History, Italy
Geoffrey Williams
  • Bretagne Sud University, France
Books in this Series
  • Edited Book

I Corpora LBC

Informatica Umanistica per il Lessico dei Beni Culturali

Edited by   Riccardo Billero, Annick Farina, María Carlota Nicolás Martínez

Copyright year: 2020

  • Edited Book

Il passato nel presente: la lingua dei beni culturali

Edited by   Annick Farina, Fernando Funari

Copyright year: 2020

  • Edited Book

Le guide touristique: lieu de rencontre entre lexique et images du patrimoine culturel. Vol. I

Edited by   Carolina Flinz, Elena Carpi, Annick Farina

Copyright year: 2018

  • Edited Book

Informatica umanistica

Risorse e strumenti per lo studio del lessico dei beni culturali

Edited by   Valeria Zotti, Ana Pano Alamán

Copyright year: 2017

  • Edited Book

Le guide touristique: lieu de rencontre entre lexique et images du patrimoine culturel. Vol. II

Edited by   Rachele Raus, Gloria Cappelli, Carolina Flinz

Copyright year: 2017

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